A Short Guide to Building Client Relationships Virtually

We all know that people want to buy from who they know and trust.

The way to earn that trust status is to put building and maintaining relationships at the forefront of your deal cycle. Pandemic has changed everything, including relationship building.

The sales experience pre pandemic was pretty typical.

You show up at least 15 minutes early for a meeting at said clients office. Someone greets you and escorts you to the war room. You ask what their plans are for the weekend.

Coffee? Of course! This gives you time to checkout the snack area too.

After the meeting, you might go out to lunch or drinks to get to know your client better. Informal settings are a great way to make lasting connections.

Things have changed friend.

Everything is virtual.

Everything starts on time.

There is no small talk, we just jump in.

Once the meeting is over - everyone heads out. Probably to another zoom meeting.

No more chit chat. No more lunch or drink breaks.

Don't get discouraged though. Its not all doom and gloom. You can still focus on building relationships - even when everything has shifted online.

Here are three ways to do just that.

1. Focus on relationship building from the start.

Before you start a meeting, start with a quick check in.

Before we dive in, I just want to quickly check in and see how everyone is doing.

That's all it takes. This small check goes a long way.

Set an example and go first. Talk about something that happened on your way to work that morning. We are all human. Pandemic has not changed that. We thrive on connection.

2. End meetings on a light, positive note

Similar to starting a meeting with a check in, close your meetings out with an informal back and forth. Some of the best conversations happen after the meeting.

Pick out something they said during the call and expand on that. Ask questions regarding the context of what they said. Ask what their plans are for the weekend.

If you don't have time during the call, setup a time for later that week. Here is how you can do this.

Hey I really wanted to ask you about X, and we ran out of time. Can we setup 15 minutes to talk later this week?

3. Check in throughout the upcoming months with quick follow up meetings

You need to make it a priority to reach out to prospects and clients to make a connection and keep those relationships alive. Even something as simple as a quick conversation can be the difference between loosing a contact and keeping them.

Make sure you setup a video meeting to get those facial ques and get some focused one on one time.

Final Thoughts

Relationship building now is more difficult than it ever was. That does not mean its impossible though. Focus and make relationship building a part of your sales cycle. Make it as mandatory as your sales process is.

Do this, and you will build strong client relationships that are essential for your sales success.